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At our Sushi restaurant, the SUSHI is made in in accord with the customers. There are different styles to enjoy SUSHI when sitting at the counter; one can request for “OKONOMI” which is to ask for what you like or want to eat at that time, or “OMAKASE” which is to ask for the recommendation from the chef. If you are sitting in a room either enjoying a time with friends or a business reception one can request for a course menu with special dishes along with SUSHI or a fixed dish of SUSHI with a fixed price. After receiving your reservation, I will have the rice prepared waiting for your visit to our sushi restaurant.

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or rice vinegar, cooked and cooled to body warmth

The perfectly cooked rice with vinegar and cooled to the right temperature with the combination of the prepared fish makes the SUSHI delicious. It is this delicately warm temperature of the rice that is important when putting it in your mouth. It is this effort in preparing the rice that my customers can enjoy the special taste at each visit.

Appreciation of the nature’s bounty

I stock most of my fish at Tukiji were you can find the best fish of each season from across the country. Of course, as the Gulf of Sagami is right in front of my restaurant, I also stock fresh fish from Chigasaki, Manazuru, Odawara and Yokosuka.

Sustainable seafood restaurant

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